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Greetings From Glocal Travel

Glocal Travel provides full-service benefits in terms of service and efficiency in handling tours. We do it with full commitment to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our customers in terms of Umrah and Visiting, FIT, GIT, leisure, incentives tours, special interests, technical visits, adventure tours and nature tours. Our tours cover Domestics Tour within Malaysia as well as Outbound Tour to South East Asia. All our packages are well planned and coupled with some special interest itineraries that are tailored to suit the varied lifestyle of our clients and meet their requirements fully.Travel Insurance and Visa Applications We take pride in providing services that are efficient, reliable and of quality to our valued clients. Our own fleet of modern coaches, vans and limousines give us the competitive edge. Our nationwide network of offices and associates cater to the various requirements of our visitors including: Coach Rentals, Airport and Overland Transfers, Worldwide Hotels and Apartments Reservation, Worldwide Air Ticketing and Reservations, Tour Guide Services, Travel Insurance and Visa Applications.

Glocal Travel is a team of efficient and competitive to ensure all documentation and reservation process went smoothly and orderly. Where each employee working in the Glocal Travel given adequate training to ensure that the processes in the field of travel and tours do not face any problem that can be prevented. Teams from Glocal Travel also selected based on high work experience and are responsible. On top of that, our tourist guides and tour leaders with impeccable interpersonal skills are conversant in various languages in which we believe are the important factors in enhancing our communications and relationship with our most-valued customers.

In Glocal Travel we hope to provide the best service to all our customers that we appreciate. Where every opinion and view our customers we will use for good enhancer right to ensure product and service quality and to be with user compatibility.

Mohd Idzham Bin Mohd Isa

Director of Marketing & Sales

Why Travel With Us

Experience – Our group specialists apply firsthand knowledge to deliver the best experience for your group. They have managed over 6,000 groups and have personally traveled to 60 countries on all 5 continents.

Personalized – We work with you to create a tailor-made trip to fit the interests of your group, booking whatever combination of travel services to fit your plans and budget, including airfare, hotels, rail, transfers, sightseeing and more. We provide expert guides and high quality travel products.

Peace of Mind – Dedicated two person planning team for every group plus local ground support means that there is always someone available to help you. Relax knowing that your trip is backed by our commitment to offer you world-class quality of service.

We Make It Easy – We provide a quick turnaround on custom quotes within 48 hours or less and we help you organize deadlines, travel documents and payments.

Meet Our Adviser



Ust. Dr. Mohd Sukki Bin Othman

(Penasihat Syariah Glocal Travel)

Ust. Hj. Lasmin Bin Anggali

(Duta & Ketua Mutawwif Glocal Travel)

Ust. Dr. Mohd Sukki Bin Othman

Ust Dr Shauqi Othman berkelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang Bahasa Arab dan Syari’ah dari Universiti Yarmouk Jordan, Ijazah Sarjana Pengajian Islam dari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia dan Ijazah Doktor Falsafah (I’jaz Al Quran) dari Universiti Malaya.

Beliau merupakan kolumnis majalah Solusi, Fardhu ain, Al Ustaz dan banyak lagi. Beliau juga terlibat dalam mengendalikan rancangan TV seperti Tanyalah Ustaz, Al-Kuliyyah dan banyak lagi.

Kepakaran: Bahasa Arab, I’jaz Al-Quran, Motivasi dan Fiqh Ibadat.


Ust. Hj. Lasmin Bin Anggali

Our services

We are able to offer you the following services and more


Syarikat kami menyediakan perkhidmatan pakej umrah pada tahun 2018 dan 2019 dengan harga pakej umrah murah seperti berikut : Pakej Umrah Safwah 5 Bintang, Pakej Umrah Al Massa 4 Bintang dan Pakej Umrah Budget 3 Bintang.


Syarikat kami boleh membantu untuk membuat tempahan bilik di Mekah dan Madinah. Mengikut kategori pakej yang disediakan dan mengikut kemahuan jarak hotel. Seperti Mekah Dar Eiman Groups, Al Massa Groups, Hilton Groups, Anjum Groups dan Z Groups. Di Madinah Dar Eiman Groups, Mukhtara Groups dan Fayruz Groups.


Glocal Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd menyediakan perkhidmatan penempahan tiket umrah murah untuk (Group) atau perseorangan (Individual) untuk menunaikan umrah bagi syarikat penerbangan lain seperti Saudi Airlines SV, Malaysia Airlines MH, Air Asia X D7, Etihad Airlines EY, dan Brunei Airlines RB.


Kami menyediakan khidmat pakej Haji Visa Furada dengan harga yang berpatutan dan juga khidmat layanan yang selesa buat para tetamu Allah untuk musim haji.


Syarikat Glocal Travel And Tours Sdn Bhd menyediakan perkhidmatan visa arab saudi untuk jemaah umrah mengunakan muasasah Mazaya dan juga menyediakan kerjasama kepada syarikat yang berdaftar dibawah lesen khas umrah untuk bekerjasam dengan kami dalam perkhidmatan visa.


Pihak kami menyediakan perkhidmatan upah haji atau badal haji dan upah umrah dengan kos yang berpatutan dan mampu dengan pegawai yang melaksanankan berdidikasi untuk menyempurnakan upah haji dan umrah tersebut.


Pihak syarikat kami menyediakan perkhhidmatan pakej pelancongan dalam dan luar negara seperti dalam negara Langkawi, Sabah dan Percutian Pulau untuk pekej pelancongan luar negara seperti Istanbul, Baitulmaqdis, Jordan, Egypt, Kashmir dan banyak lagi.


Syarikat kami menyediakan perkhidmatan tempahan tiket penerbangan dengan diskaun yang menarikh untuk pemburu tiket murah dan juga untuk WARAN Perjalanan Udara untuk Kakitangan Kerajaan untuk memastikan perjalanan anda lancar.


Kami mempunyai Bus untuk disewa untuk kegunaan aktiviti aktiviti pelancongan dalam negeri dan juga sewa bus transit di Klia 1 dan Klia 2 untuk di hantar ke Hotel dengan harga berpatutan yang mampu dibayar.

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